16 – 18 July: Durham University

Keynote Addresses

Post-Humanist Reflections on a Socratic Thesis: ‘No One Acts Against Their Better Judgement’
– Sabina Lovibond (Oxford)

Hume and Kant – but not Hume versus Kant – on Normative Authority
– Peter Railton (Michigan)

Submitted Papers

Ethical Objectivity and the Adequacy of Internal Criticism
– James Cornwell (Oxford)

Sympathy, Discernment and Reasons
– Garrett Cullity (St Andrews)

The Magnetism of the Good and Ethical Realism
– Irwin Goldstein (Davidson College)

Two Standpoints of Moral Agency
– Susan Hahn (Harvard)

The Natural, The Reductive and the Normative
– Anthony Hatzimoysis (Manchester)

Virtue Ethics and Situationist Personality Psychology
– Maria Merritt (California, Berkeley)

The Moral Law and Moral Laws
– Philip Stratton-Lake (Reading)

Moral Compromises, Moral Integrity and the Objectivity of Plural Values”
– Theo van Willigenburg (Erasmus, Rotterdam)