13 – 16 July: Erasmus University Rotterdam

Keynote Addresses

Some Thoughts about Scanlon’s Contractualism
– Gerald Dworkin (California, Davis)

Two Sources of Morality
– Philip Pettit (Australian National University)

Submitted Papers

Rethinking Our Maxims
– Talbot Brewer (Virginia)

Autonomy, Slavery, and Mill’s Critique of Paternalism
– Alan Fuchs (Colllege of William and Mary)

The Reconstruction of Teleology in Contemporary Metaethics
– Jonathan Jacobs (Colgate)

Virtue Ethics and Emotional Conflict
– Kristján Kristjánsson (Akureyri)

Utilitarianism and the Meaning of Life
– Thaddeus Metz (Witwatersrand)

Moral Testimony and its Authority
– Philip Nickel (California, Los Angeles)

Are Practical and Theoretical Reasoning Independent?
– Bart Streumer (Reading)

The Argument from the Persistence of Moral Disagreement
– Folke Tersman (Stockholm)