13 – 15 July: University of Glasgow

Keynote Addresses

– John Broome (Oxford)

Evaluation, Uncertainty and Motivation
– Michael Smith (Australian National University)

Submitted Papers

– George Harris (College of William and Mary)

Pleasure and the Worst Form of Akrasia
– Devin Henry (King’s, London)

Virtue Ethics on ‘Right’
– Robert Johnson (Missouri)

Autism, Empathy and Moral Agency
– Jeanette Kennett (Monash)

Against Blameless Wrongdoing
– Elinor Mason (Colorado)

Contempt as a Moral Attitude
– Michelle Mason (Minnesota)

Autonomy’s Many Normative Presuppositions
– Henry Richardson (Georgetown)

Acting with Feeling from Duty
– Julie Tannenbaum (California, Los Angeles)

Practical Reason and the Stability Standard
– Valerie Tiberius (Minnesota)