21 – 23 July: Queen’s University Belfast

Keynote Addresses

Disentangling Disentangling
– Simon Blackburn (Cambridge)

Sentimentalist Moral Realism
– Michael Slote (Miami)

Submitted Papers

Practical Conflicts and Reasons for Regret
– Monika Betzler (California, Berkeley)

The Embodiment Thesis
– Jon Garthoff (California, Los Angeles)

Emotional Self-Awareness and Ethical Deliberation
– Michael Lacewing (Heythrop)

Three Dogmas of Response Dependence
– Mark LeBar (Ohio)

Conditionalism about Final Value
– Jonas Olson (Uppsala)

Promising and Testifying
– David Owens (Sheffield)

Nietzsche and Korsgaard’s Kant
– Mathias Risse (Harvard)

Hume and Motivating Reasons
– Constantine Sandis (Reading)

Substance and Procedure in Theories of Prudential Value
– Valerie Tiberius (Minnesota)

Particularism and Default Reasons
– Pekka Vayrynen (California, Davis)