12 – 14 July: University of Kent

Keynote Addresses

[Insert Title Here]
– Allan Gibbard (Michigan)

– Brad Hooker (Reading)

Submitted Papers

Severe Poverty as a Human Rights Violation
– Elizabeth Ashford (St. Andrews)

Ethical Instrumentalism and Functional Normative Significance
– Joseph Biehl (Cork)

Seeing by Feeling: Virtue Ethics and Moral Perception”
– Justin D’Arms and Dan Jacobson (Ohio State and Bowling Green State)

Intrapersonal Aggregation
– Iwao Hirose (Oxford)

Kind Words and Cruel Facts
– Antti Kauppinen (Helsinki)

Selflessness and Cognition
– Lawrence Lengbeyer (United States Naval Academy)

The Missing Formal Proof of Humanity’s Radical Evil in Kant’s Religion
– Seiriol Morgan (Leeds)

Pain For Objectivists
– David Sobel (Bowling Green State)

On The Tedium of the Good
– Samantha Vice (Rhodes)