11 – 13 July: University of Leeds
Keynote Addresses

Moral Obligation and Accountability
– Stephen Darwall (Michigan)
The Autonomy of Morality
– John Skorupski (St Andrews)
Submitted Papers

Moral Lumps
– Samantha Brennan (Western Ontario)

Choice, Moral Responsibility and Alternative Possibilities
– Vivienne Brown (The Open University)

Agency, Smagency: Why Normativity Won’t Come From What is Constitutive of Action
– David Enoch (The Hebrew University)

An Argument Against Reduction in Morality
– Jeremy Koons (American University of Beirut)

Radically Response-Dependent Value
– Mark LeBar (Ohio)

Good For and Reasons
– Robert Pulvertaft (Copenhagen)

What Even Consequentialists Should Say About the Virtues
– Luke Russell (Sydney)

Wisdom and Perspective
– Valerie Tiberius (Minnesota)

Ethical Naturalism and Moral Twin Earth
– Andrea Viggiano (Bologna)