10 – 12 July: University of Southampton

Keynote Addresses

[Insert title here]
– Mark Timmons (Arizona)

Reason, Reasons, and Normativity
– Joseph Raz (Oxford and Columbia)
Submitted Papers

Realism, Rational Action, and the Humean Theory of Motivation
– Melissa Barry (Williams College)

Marriage, Morality and Institutional Value
– Elizabeth Brake (University of Calgary)

What is the Integrity Objection an Objection to?
– Tim Chappell (The Open University)

Reasons and Decisions
– Garrett Cullity (University of Adelaide)

A Recognitional Conception of Appraisal
– Jules Holroyd (Sheffield)

Does Ethical Theory Imply a Contradiction?
– Andrew Moore (Otago)

Trust and Obligation
– Philip Nickel (California Irvine)

The Misunderstood Demandingness Objection
– David Sobel (Bowling Green State )

Korsgaard: Actions, Reasons, Laws
– Ariela Tubert (North Carolina Chapel Hill)