9 – 11 July: University of Bristol
Image of the venue Clifton Hill House

Keynote Addresses

Compassion and Beyond
– Roger Crisp (Oxford)
Improvised Values
– David Velleman (NYU)
Submitted Papers

The Heart of Forgiveness
– Lucy Allais (Witwatersrand)

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t
– Frances Howard-Snyder (Western Washington)

Virtue Ethics and Deontic Restraints
– Mark LeBar (Ohio)

Duress, Deception and the Validity of a Promise
– David Owens (Sheffield)

Are There Irreducible Normative Properties?
– Bart Streumer (Reading)

Against Cognitivism about Normative Judgement
– Teemu Toppinen (Helsinki)

Should Losses Count? A Critique of the Complaint Model
– Alex Voorhoeve (LSE)

A New Argument against Rule Consequentialism
– Chris Woodard (Nottingham)

Moral Schizophrenia and the Paradox of Friendship
– Scott Woodcock (Victoria, Canada)