14 – 16 July: University of Edinburgh

Keynote Addresses

Kant and the Necessary Lie: How ‘Good’ Ends Can (sometimes) Justify ‘Bad’ Means
– Barbara Herman (UCLA)

Utilitarianism by Way of Preference Revision: Making Sense of Hare’s Argument
– Wlodek Rabinowicz (Lund)

Submitted Papers

Practical Reflection and Agential Authority
– Carla Bagnoli (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

The Composition of Reasons
– Campbell Brown (Edinburgh)

Minimalist Semantics and the Problem of Creeping Minimalism
– William Dunaway (Southern California)

Wrongness and Reasons
– Ulrike Heuer (Leeds)

Expressivism and Certitude
– Krister Bykvist (Oxford) and Jonas Olson (Oxford)

The Asymmetry Argument
– Martin Peterson (Cambridge)

Holism, Weight and Undercutting
– Mark Schroeder (Southern California)

The Distinctive Wrong in Lying
– Alan Strudler (Pennsylvania)

Defending the Wide-Scope Approach to Instrumental Reason
– Jonathan Way (California Santa Barbara)