13 – 15 July: University of Reading

Image of conference venue at University of Reading
Keynote Addresses

Pleasure, Desire, and Practical Reason
– James Lenman (Sheffield)

Intention, Permissibility, Terrorism, and War
– Jeff McMahan (Rutgers)

Submitted Papers

Objective versus Subjective Moral Oughts
– Krister Bykvist (Oxford)

Practical Bracketing
– Garrett Cullity (Adelaide)

Truth and Error in Morality
– Dale Dorsey (Kansas)

Moral Blameworthiness and the Reactive Attitudes
– Leonard Kahn (US Air Force Academy)

Owning Up and Lowering Down: The Power of Apology
– Adrienne Martin (Pennsylvania)

Shapelessness and the Thick
– Deborah Roberts (Reading)

Second-Order Equality and Levelling Down
– Re’em Segev (Hebrew, Jerusalem)

Non-monotonicity and Moral Particularism
– Alan Thomas (Kent)

Cynicism and Morality
– Samantha Vice (Rhodes)