7 – 9 July: University of Nottingham

Image of Rutland Hall, University of Nottingham
Keynote Speakers

James Dreier (Brown)
Tim Mulgan (St Andrews)

Submitted Papers

Value Incomparability and Indeterminacy
– Cristian Constantinescu (Cambridge)

A New Theory of Well-Being
– Jennifer Hawkins (Duke)

Sentimentalism and Deontological Intuitions
– Antti Kauppinen (Amsterdam/Trinity College Dublin)

Faith in Humanity
– Ryan Preston-Roedder (UNC Chapel Hill)

Fairness Between Competing Claims
– Ben Saunders (Oxford)

Should We Be Sorry That We Exist?
– Saul Smilansky (Haifa)

Can We Believe the Error Theory?
– Bart Streumer (Reading)

Thick Concepts and Variability
– Pekka Vayrynen (Leeds)

Taking the Ideal out of Nonideal Theory: Institutional Design as Failure Analysis”
– David Wiens (Michigan)