15 – 17 July: Institute of Philosophy, Senate House, Russell Square, London

Photo of Senate House
Keynote Lectures

No-Fault Responsibility for Outcomes
– Robert M. Adams (UNC Chapel Hill)

Free Speech and Pornographic “Speech Acts”
– Jennifer Hornsby (Birkbeck)

Submitted Papers

The Problem of Ethical Vagueness for Expressivism
– Nicholas Baima (Washington St Louis)

Oughts First
– Antti Kauppinen (Trinity Dublin and Jyväskylä)

Expressivism and Mind-Dependence: Distinct Existences
– Sebastian Köhler (Edinburgh)

What it Takes to be Wrongfully Exploited
– Hallie Liberto (Connecticut)

On the Identity of Motivating and Normative Reasons
– Susanne Mantel (Saarland)

Objective Well-being
– Andrew Moore (Otago)

Resolute Quasi-Realism
– Nicholas Smyth (Brown)

Expressivism and the Normativity of the Mental
– Teemu Toppinen (Helsinki)

The New Problem of Numbers in Morality
– Fiona Woollard (Southampton)

We are grateful to the Institute of Philosophy for generous support of this conference.