14 – 16 July: Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge

Keynote Speakers

Transcendent Forgiveness and the Possibility of Affirmation
– Miranda Fricker (Sheffield)

Ageing as a Normative Phenomenon
– Samuel Scheffler (NYU)

Submitted Papers

The Myth of Balanced Consequences
– Samuel Elgin (Yale)

Making Sense of Moral Perception
– Rafe MacGregor (York)

Contextualism about Moral Responsibility
– Emily McTernan (UCL)

Love and Agency
– Adrienne Martin (Pennsylvania)

What the Utilitarian Cannot Think
– Mark Nelson (Westmont)

Kant’s Moral Theory and Demandingness
– Alice Pinheiro Walla (Trinity College Dublin)

Are There Any Conflicts of Rights?
– Adina Preda (Limerick)

Do Moral Reasons Explain Anything?
– Ben Sachs (St Andrews)

Cryptonormative Judgements
– Alex Worsnip (Yale)