13 – 14 July: University of Southampton

Keynote Speakers

What is the Opposite of Wellbeing?
– Professor Shelly Kagan (Yale)
Between Privacy and Transparency
– Baroness Onora O’Neill (Cambridge and House of Lords)

Submitted Papers

How Encounters with Values Generate Moral Demandingness
– Sophie Grace Chappell (Open University)

Welfare as Autonomous Flourishing
– Garrett Cullity (Adelaide)

A Moral Argument Against Moral Realism
– Melis Erdur (Tel Aviv)

Justifying Partiality
– Errol Lord (Pennsylvania)

What is Demandingness?
– Brian McElwee (Oxford)

Can There Be Positive Human Rights?
– Adina Preda (Limerick)

Perspectival Luck
– Bernhard Salow (MIT)

The Function of Morality
– Nick Smyth (Brown)