4 – 6 September: Lancaster University

Keynote Addresses

Why Should I Be Virtuous?
– Rosalind Hursthouse (The Open University)

Mapping Moral Motivation
– David McNaughton (Keele)

Submitted Papers

Moderate Intuitionism and the Epistemology of Moral Judgment
– Robert Audi (Nebraska, Lincoln)

True to Ourselves
– Jan Bransen (Utrecht)

Friendship and Moral Danger
– Jeanette Kennett (Monash)

Considerations on Obligation
– Margaret Gilbert (Connecticut)

Moral Generalities Revisited: The Radical Case for Moderate Moral Particularism
– Maggie Little (Georgetown)

Interpersonal Reasons
– Ken O’Day (Bristol)

Why the Doctrine of Double Effect Cannot Solve the Trolley Problem
– William Sin (Hong Kong)

Expressivism, Negation and the Frege-Geach Problem
– Nick Unwin (Bolton Institute)

Response to Unwin
– Paul McNamara (New Hampshire)