4 – 6 September: University of Kent

Keynote Addresses

Group Rights
– James Griffin (Oxford)

Three Conceptions of Rational Agency
– R. Jay Wallace (Humboldt, Berlin)

Submitted Papers

Could There Be A Virtue Theory In Ethics?
– Garrett Cullity (St Andrews)

Rule Consequentialism’s Dilemma
– Iain Law (St Andrews)

Abortion And Gestation Without Consent
– Maggie Little (Georgetown)

Do Consequentialists Have One Thought Too Many?
– Elinor Mason (Reading)

Response-Dependence Without Reduction
– Alex Miller and Duncan McFarland (Birmingham)

The Price Of Anti-Reductionism
– Ralph Wedgwood (MIT)

An Argument For Normative Realism
– Nick Zangwill (Glasgow)