25 – 26 July: University of Reading

Keynote Addresses

Why Naturalism?
– David Copp (Bowling Greeen State)

Luck, Responsibility, and the ‘Natural Lottery’
– Susan Hurley (Warwick)

Submitted Papers

Future People
– Chris Belshaw (The Open University)

Desire, Pleasure, and Wholehearted Activity
– Talbot Brewer (Virginia)

Practical Rationality for Pluralists about the Good
– Tim Chappell (Dundee)

Who can be wronged? An Existential Challenge to Contractualism
– Rahul Kumar (Pennsylvania)

Moral Valence, Defeasibility, and Privileged Conditions
– Margaret Little and Mark Lance (Georgetown)

Rationality and Reflection
– Jeff Seidman (Oxford)

Consequentialism, Deontology, and the Greatest Good
– Sergio Tenenbaum (Toronto)

Group Based Reasons for Action
– Christopher Woodard (Warwick)