9 – 11 July: University of Stirling

Keynote Speakers

Aristotle in the Light of Bernard Williams
– Sarah Broadie (St Andrews)

Who Should Turn the Trolley?
– Frances Kamm (Harvard)

Submitted Papers

Science’s Immunity to Moral Refutation
– Alex Barber (Open)

Specialising General Duties
– Stephanie Collins (ANU)

Cognitivism about Moral Judgement
– Alison Hills (Oxford)

Another Error in the Error Theory?
– Wouter Kalf (Leeds)

Expressivism, Subjectivism and Moral Disagreement
– Sebastian Kohler (Edinburgh)

Priority and Desert
– Matthew Rendall (Nottingham)

Divine Commands and Secular Demands: On Darwall on Anscombe on Modern Moral Philosophy
– Robert Stern (Sheffield)

Contractualism and the Conditional Fallacy
– Jussi Suikkanen (Birmingham)

Reasons as Premises of Good Reasoning
– Jonathan Way (Southampton)